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Pasagshak Road

Another great scenic drive to cross the peninsula to Pasagshak Bay.  Although few drive this road, it is kept in pretty good condition so that the materials and fuels can be transported safely from the city of Kodiak out to the launch complex near the end of the road.  


.2 Ranch.

6.9 Ranch.

8.5 Pasagshak River Campground. 

9.3 - Pavement begins again.

9.9 Pavement ends.

11.6 Jeep road down to beach on right.

11.9 - Bear Paw Ranch.

12 Road down to beach on right.

13.5 - Pavement begins at Kodiak Launch Complex.  We spotted a young Sitka Black Tailed deer across the road from the large Satellite dish.

15.5 Road deviates to the Fossil Beach on right and turns into a steep narrow winding dirt road.

16.3 Jeep trail to the left.

16.5 End of the road overlooking fossil beach.

Last visited: June 2002


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