Kodiak Fisheries Research Center

What’s under the water?  Well, there are two ways you can find out.  You could bring your snorkel gear and take a firsthand look yourself.  But without a dry suit, you would probably last only about 10 minutes until the temperature killed you.  A much easier way would be to visit the Kodiak Fisheries Research Center on Near Island.  The Center features interesting and informative displays about the abundant life that makes Kodiak such a rich marine environment.  It also has a large tank displaying some of the interesting fish, crabs, anemones, starfish and other aquatic biota.  Right next to the tank is a touch pond – a petting zoo where you can handle, and be handled by numerous varies of tide-pool critters.  Plastic sheets tell what each creature is and information about them.  It only takes a half an hour to see the displays, but definitely worth a visit.  If rain chases you indoors, it is a must see.  And the price cannot be beat – free!

Head across the bridge from Kodiak to Near Island.  Take the second left just after Northend Park.  The Center is on the left.  There are restrooms and water fountains available to the public.

Last visited June 2002

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