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The Kodiak Island Archipelago

Adventures await you in the Kodiak Islands!  Click inside the broken red line box to go to a more detailed map featuring adventures along the Kodiak road system.  Click on the Alaska Ferry System to learn about the route between the mainland (Seward & Homer) and Kodiak.

Kodiak Island is the second largest island in the United States, after the big island of Hawaii.  Like the rest of Alaska, most of the island is owned by the government and is designated parkland.  Most of the island is accessible only by foot, boat and airplane.  It is prime brown bear habitat and features the largest concentration of brown bear in the United States.  Kodiak features a very wet maritime climate, so be sure to bring your rain gear and waterproof your hiking boots.  But thanks to mild seasons and plenty of moisture, Kodiak features the best wildflower meadows we have found anywhere in Alaska. 

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