Chiniak Road

Take this drive for spectacular views, access to hiking trails and amazing berry picking!

From the Ferry Docks go to the end of Center Drive.  Take a left on Rezanof Drive.  Chiniak Road begins at the Buskin River Bridge.

1 – Coast Guard Building on the right.

1.5 – Coast Guard Base on left at Women’s Bay.

4.1 – Kodiak fairgrounds and raceway on right.

4.9 - Sargent Creek.

5.1 – Russian River.  Paved road ends.  While we were in Kodiak they were in the process of paving the road out to the coast guard towers.

5.6 – Grocery store and gas pumps.  Fairwind Cafe.

6.5 – Middle Bay on the left.  

6.6 - Turnout on left for parking for Kashevaroff Trail.

6.8 - Salonie Creek.  

9.2 - Turnout on right for Heitman Lake Trail.

9.4 – Turnout on left with great view of Middle Bay.

12.5 – Begin view of Kalsin Bay.

14.3 – Small Creek.

14.7 - Salt Creek.

15.5 – American River.

15.6 – Turn off for Saltery Cove Road on the right.  (4WD with good tires, ATV or mountain bikes needed for this road.)

15.7 - Felton Creek.

22.9 – Pullout on left overlooking Kalsin Bay.

23.5 – Kalsin Bay Inn.

23.8 – Deadman Creek.

24.6 – Olds River.  Beautiful fields of lupine to the left.  Cattle ranch to the right.

25 – Kalsin River.

25.2 – Fork in road.  Turn right to Pasagshak Road.  Left to continue on Chiniak Road.

25.4 - Kalsin Pond on right.

27.7 - Myrtle Creek.

29.6 - Chiniak Post Office.

31.2 - Kodiak Island Winery.  Rumor has it they make their wine from the salmonberries that grow at the end of this road.

31.7 - Roslyn River.

34.8 - Twin Creeks.

35.9 - Chiniak school and library.

35.8 - Road’s End Restaurant, showers, laundry, lodging.  We paid $2 each to shower here.

38 – Airstrip.

39.8 - Wild raspberry and salmonberry patches on the left and right begin here.  The road becomes a maze of logging roads with tons of berry patches all along it.  We gave up around mile 41 and decided to head back before we ended up with too little gas to make it.  Exploring these roads would make for an ideal 4-by trip with all-you-can-eat berries in the fall.

Last visited: June 2002

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