Anton Larson Bay Road

A lovely scenic drive above tree line brings access to the northernmost point on Kodiak’s road system at Anton Larson Bay.  Anton Larson Bay Road just before Buskin River Bridge after a large white satellite dish five miles south of Kodiak on Rezanof Drive.

.4 - River access pulloff on left.

.6 – Buskin River Bridge No. 6.  Pavement ends.

1.5 – Buskin River Bridge No. 7.  Recommended side trip – before crossing bridge drive about 200 yards up to the end of the road.  In front to the fish weir one can spot salmon getting ready to enter the lake.

1.8 - U.S. Coast Guard antenna farm.

2.9 - Bear Valley Golf Course.

3.9 - Creek crossing.

5.2 – Top of the pass.  Joann falls to the right.

5.7 – U.S. Government building on the left.  Jeep trail heading up the hill on the right.

6.1 – Multiple Jeep trails lead up the hills to the right and left.

8.5 - Ranch.  Trail rides offered.

9.5 - Beginning of Anton Bay.  We spotted lots of waterfowl including loons, gulls, and crested mergansers.  Claimjumper saw a crested merganser catch and swallow a fish as long as its body.

10.4 – Public access dock and boat launch.

10.7 - View of waterfall back across the bay.

11.6 - turnaround.  There are camping spots here but no facilities.   This is another excellent place to put in kayaks, canoes and other personal watercraft, as the water is very calm and protected.  Jeep trails warrant exploration.  There is a pretty creek leading into the Bay.  The jeep trail at the turnaround is the beginning of Three Pillar Point Trail, a 3.9 mile hike/bike out to Sharatin Bay. 

Last visited: June 2002.

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