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Portage Cove Campground

This is a hiker/biker only campground.  No overnight parking of vehicles is allowed at this site.  Thus, it is a meeting ground for adventurers.  Backpackers and bicyclists meet here to compare notes, swap maps and info about the road ahead and make friends.  On our July 2000 trip we had the privilege of meeting Tibor and Kristin from Muecheln, Germany.  They were on a bicycling adventure that took them across the “Top of the World” route.  They were amazed at how many different people all over the world they had met along the way; Switzerland, England, Canada and other Germans, not to mention people from all over the United States.

To find this campground, follow the Haines Highway through town and continue as it hooks to the left and along the harbor and becomes Beach Road.  Follow the road up the hill and look for the campground on the left as you begin to descend the hill.

The campground sits right on a grassy bluff overlooking the inlet.  There are a number of picnic tables and fire rings.  There is also a large steel pole structure to hang your food bag.  There are toilets and a faucet for fresh water.  The cost is $5 per night to camp.  One never needs to be concerned about whether or not there will be room at this campground as there are no pre-defined tent spots.  During my stays at this campsite I have never seen more than five tents pitched at any given time and there is plenty of room for thirty or more.

The campground is a prime area to spot wildlife.  While we stayed there we were under the constant supervision of an eagle who had nested up above the campground across the street.  A harbor seal swam up to the beach just below the campground each morning in search of fish.

Be very careful to keep a clean campsite.  Run all food and good smelling things (soap and other fragrant toiletries) up the pole.  Bears do not come into this campground because careful hikers and bikers have not let them find any food here.

Last Visited: July 2000



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