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Haines has got to be one of my favorite towns in Alaska.  It remains authentic, realizing its natural surroundings attract tourist and explorers much more than made-over buildings.  The first time I visited Haines was during a bicycle trip from Anchorage to Salem, Oregon.  I was planning on leaving the day I arrived in Haines but ended up staying for almost a week.  The people in Haines are incredibly friendly and the campgrounds and RV parks are a meeting grounds for adventurers. 

While still technically a part of the coastal rainforest, Haines is far from gaining notoriety for precipitation.  With an annual rainfall of only 53 inches, Haines receives almost half the rainfall of Juneau.  This is not to recommend that one should leave the rain fly off the tent at night.  But despite cloudy skies while we visited in July of 2000, we did not experience a drop of rain during our four day stay.

The town of Haines itself is very small and everything is within walking distance.  The Cruise ships dock right next to the town so visitors can walk from ship to the middle of Haines within ten minutes.  When there are no cruise ships the town is wonderfully lazy and laid back.  Then, as a new boat dock, the town comes alive with a buzz.  All of the local vendors have cruise ship schedules and keep their shops and restaurants open late for the new arrivals.

Haines does have a sales tax, so prices will be increased accordingly.

While Haines has both fishing and tourist industries to keep it thriving, it is such a cozy spot that many of the residents have made this their retirement home.  With neighbors caring for one another and where everyone knows each other by first name, Haines exemplifies a community in harmony.


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