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Glacier Bay Lodge

When staying in Glacier Bay National Park there are a number of options for lodging available for the weary traveler.  We stayed at the lodge because it seemed to be a central location for the activities we wanted to try while we were in the park.  Also, we did not know about the  other options when we booked the Glacier Bay tour through the Goldbelt Tour Center (and bought the tours as a package which included a one night stay at the lodge).  The lodge is extremely cozy and the rooms were quaint and comfortable.  Had we known about the free campground not 500 yards away we might have chosen to save the money.  But then again, it was getting to be time in our trip for a shower and a real bed.

When you arrive in Gustavus via the Auk Nu Ferry there will be vans and or busses to take you into the park ($12 fee one way).  I imagine the same buses run from the airport as well.  The bus travels west down “the road”.  Just after the road becomes a gravel road the lodge will be on the left side. 

Ah, modern bathrooms!  Showers with hot water!  Big comfortable rooms (we had two double beds) with beautiful views of Bartlett Cove.  Rates for the rooms run $165 for double and $145 for a single.  The lodge itself has a restaurant and gift shop.  There is also a laundry facility right next to the lodge that visitors may use.  Upstairs in the lodge is a ranger information station that includes an impressive exhibit of the biota found in Glacier Bay.  They also have a large selection of books and trail maps, and the ranger is there to answer questions about the park.

For further info, visit the lodge's website at .

Last Visited: July 2000

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