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Auke Village Recreation Center

It would not surprise me to learn that this campground was created specifically for Alaska Ferry travelers.  It lies within a half hour to 45 minute hike from the terminal.  It is beautiful and woodsy.  There are only 12 sites and each is a good size great to share with a group of friends.  But finding an unused site can be difficult.  The first time we came here the campground was full.  Greg, Katie, Mike, Scott, Genny and Bari were kind enough to model their site for us to demonstrate that not only are these sites, spacious, but also quite secluded.

To find the campground, go left on Egan Drive from the ferry terminal.  Turn left at the brown and white sign indicating Auke Village onto Louisa Point Road.  The first left turn off Point Louisa Road will be the campground road.

The campground has water, outhouses, wood for campers to use, and each campsite has a picnic table and fire ring.  The ground for tents is level and easy to drive stakes into.  Camping costs $8 per night.

All along Point Louisa Road there are pull-offs with stairs leading down to the beach.  There is a paved pathway that runs along tree line.  Along this path one will find covered picnic areas and toilets.  Salmon berry bushes grow along the side of the pathway.  I just love salmon berries!  Claimjumper and I enjoyed an evening stroll along the waterline at low tide finding all sorts of creatures that live in shallow waters.

Last Visited: July 2000


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