Sheep Mountain Lodge

During the summer we often stop here to grab a bite to eat.  The restaurant is one of the best in the state.  But we would always leave after eating and had not taken the time to explore all that the lodge had to offer.  So finally Claimjumper, Doug and I all decided to spend a relaxing winter weekend checking out the place.  If you are in the area and have the time, we highly recommend this lodge.  What a wonderful retreat area.

To find Sheep Mountain Lodge from Anchorage, head north on the Glenn Highway toward Palmer.  Pass through Palmer and continue out the Glenn to just past milepost 113.  The lodge will be on the left side of the road if you are headed from Anchorage.  At night it looked like a beautiful little Christmas village with the frames of each of the buildings lit up with white lights.  One can also arrive and depart during daylight hours by small plane.  The lodge features its own small landing strip.

There are 10 cabins available for guests.  During the summer there is also a bunkhouse available to rent on a per bed basis.  We were not able to see the bunkhouse because it was being used as living quarters for the employees.   The room rate for the cabins is $95 per night plus tax during the winter and $125 per night plus tax during the summer season.  The bunkhouse per-bed rate is $60 for four people with $5 for each additional person per night plus tax.  The bunkhouse has a shared bath and guests have to provide their own sleeping bags/linen for the beds. 

The cabins were impressively clean and well kept.  Each one includes a private bathroom with shower, beds (a different arrangement for each), table, chairs and a heater.  The rooms also have pegs running the entire circumference of the room to hang clothes after coming in from the cold.  While we were there the temperature was hovering around 20 degrees below zero, F.  Even so, the rooms stayed toasty warm.  The floor was a bit chilly so keep an extra pair of wool socks handy.  The bed was extra chilly when we first climbed in, but this is a good thing.  It promotes better cuddling.  After all, it is all about the romance!  Also, there are no televisions in the rooms.  And if you want to use the telephone, a payphone sits outside near the parking lot.  Yes, this place provides a definite escape without roughing it too hard.

The lodge itself has always been one of our favorite places to stop for a meal.  We enjoy the outstanding food and service set in a cozy a well cared-for large wood cabin structure.  A wood stove keeps the place warm.  The lodge also provides an outstanding place to meet other adventure seekers.  We chatted for a while one morning with a man who was helping to set a course for a major snow machine race.  When we learned that he was going to be tent camping out in this below zero weather we felt really sorry for him.  “This is easy,” he replied.  “I rode my bicycle from Anchorage to Fairbanks on the Iditarod trail several times during the winter.”  Some Alaskans take crazy to a whole different realm of insanity.  Claimjumper found the lodge’s collection of games and went right to work solving some of the slide puzzles.

If you really want to warm up, the lodge features both a wood-fired sauna and an indoor Jacuzzi hot-tub.  Each can be reserved for either a half hour or hour session.  Using them is free for guests staying at the lodge.  We did not try the sauna, but boy was that Jacuzzi wonderful!  It looked brand new and had all sorts of fancy dials and knobs.  You know Doug, Claimjumper and I had to try them all.  Some would turn jets and massagers on and off on different parts of your body.  Others controlled lights under the water.   For some reason though, the change rooms outside the hot tub smelled just terrible while we were there.  We recommend showering in your room and avoid the change rooms altogether.

While Claimjumper was not too keen on being out of doors in below zero weather, Doug and I could not get enough of all the groomed ski trails.  We had a blast exploring those trails.  There were routes for every skill level, including some that were too tough for me.  Also, along the trails I spotted four moose.  One was not more than 20 feet from me and paid no mind as I stood there taking pictures.  The lodge provides laminated maps of the trails to carry along while exploring.

The lodge promises even more adventure for the summertime guest.  We have heard that there are excellent fossil beds for rock hounds, white water rafting for water rats, and mountain biking for the stump jumpers.  Look forward to more reports on this lodge in the future.

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Last Visited: January 2002

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