Moose Flats Day Use Area

This is just a fabulous little picnic area.  Nature trails wind around the small lake and through the woods.  The trails are very well maintained and feature boardwalks across the marshes for spectacular nature viewing without getting your feet wet.  At the southern end of the nature walk there is a large southwest facing deck featuring views of the marsh field with mountains and glaciers in the background.  I had a swimsuit with me, however, Claimjumper wished she had brought her bathing suit and lawn chairs to just spend the day soaking in the sun and admiring the view.

Moose Flats Day Use Area is located on the left side of Portage Glacier Road as one is headed from the Seward Highway up toward Portage Lake.  The blue and gray U.S. Forest Service sign marks the entrance and will be seen within the first two miles of Portage Glacier Road.

There are picnic tables along the bank of the lake and a restroom at either end.  There is also plenty of parking with some of the lots designed to allow long RVs to park and continue straight through back to the road.  There is no fee to use this area.  No overnight stays are permitted.

It was an exceptionally warm day so I decided to take advantage of the lake to cool off.  It always takes a minute or two to get used to the temperature of Alaskan water, but once I started swimming and acclimated to the water the lake provided a terrific playground.  The end near the picnic tables is not deep at all so I swam over to the other side where the water was much deeper.  The floating plumes of algae were not the most pleasant but I just love the way the rays of light shoot through the clear water all the way to the bottom of the lake. 

Swimming in Alaskan waters saps energy from a personís body very quickly.  It is important to get dry and find warmth quickly after leaving the water.  The Bantha had been sitting in the sun during our walk and swim, so it made a great warming hut.

Last Visited: July 2000


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