Liberty Falls State Campground

On the way to Copper River, McCarthy and Kennicott we love to spend the night at Liberty Falls State Campground.  This cozy little campground has sites right up next to Liberty Creek.  There are toilets, but no water pump.  You can draw water directly from the creek, but the information board recommends purifying the water before you drink.  The tent sites are wood decks and feature a picnic table and fire pit.  There are ten campsites here.  Only two of them are visible from the camp road so most people probably drive through and assume the campground is full.  Park in the parking lot and look down toward the creek to see if any of the decks are clear.  There is also one more platform on the other side of the campground road opposite the parking lot.  Maps on a bulletin board and a pay station mark the locations of the sites.

The falls can be seen from the bridge that runs through the campground and can be heard from anywhere in the area.  So if you like sleeping to the sound of rushing water, you have come to the right spot.  For the more adventurous and daring, there is a trail system that leads to views of the falls from above.  The difficult and steepest (but shortest) trail starts at the left side of the bridge (when facing the falls) and rises sharply to the cliff top above the falls.  An easier and safer trail begins at the Edgerton Highway right near where the camp road exits back to the Edgerton.  This trail meets the shorter trail near the edge of the cliff.  Exercise caution when getting near the edge of the cliff because not all the earth is stable and there are cutaways that root systems and dirt have created that may or may not support you.  The trail also drops down to the falls so you can actually climb and sit on the rocks that extend into the creek between different levels of the falls.  The water is extremely cold, so be careful not to fall in.  While the falls are not  giant drops, they drop down to sharp rock, which would cause serious damage to even the leatheriest of skin.

Last Visited: August 1999

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