Knik Goose Bay Road

If you enjoy exploring by car, then hunting trails are prime places to find great drivable terrain.  While the noise of your engine will probably reduce your opportunities to view wildlife, it will allow you to see more of the landscape than you would be able to cover by foot.  And you can always park and walk in for better wildlife viewing.  Our friend Tony came along on this trip to help talk about how large the state of Alaska really is.

To find Knik Goose Bay Road, head north on the Glenn Highway out of Anchorage.  Turn left on the Parks Highway into Wasilla.  Take another left at the stoplight on Main.  Main becomes Knik Goose Bay Road as you are traveling south.

If you enjoy golfing, Settler’s Bay features one of Alaska’s finest courses.  Not only is it picturesque, it is far enough away from Anchorage so that there are fewer people playing at any given time than one finds at more populous areas.  Settler’s Bay will be on the left side as you head south along the Knik.  

Not much further on the right, there is a native cemetery featuring spirit houses.  These are small painted houses that Russian influenced natives build for their deceased. 

And further along on the left hand side of the road there will be a boat launch that features an incredible view of Anchorage and the Chugach mountains from the water’s edge of Knik Arm.

Follow Knik Goose Bay Road until it ends and turns into a dirt road called Burma.  There are a number of good 4 wheel drive trails off Burma.  These will bring you into the Goose Bay State Game Refuge to the South.

Burma eventually reconnects with a paved road called Point MacKenzie Road.  This road will first head west and then turn sharply south.  (It also goes east back to Knik Goose Bay Road).  Explore the roads leading off this trail for some hair raising 4 wheeling experiences!  At the end of Point MacKenzie Road there is another great view of Anchorage, but the area is practically a dump.  Claimjumper and I spend an hour and a half trying to pick up all the litter here one day.  We ran out of bags before we even made a dent. 

Keep in mind that some of the 4 wheeling roads end at private property.  Please respect posted “no trespassing” signs.

Last Visited: May 1999

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