Kenai Beach/ Salamatof Beach

Claimjumper and I love to find treasures on the beach.  In 1992 the Redoubt volcano blew, spewing rock and ash for miles around.  As silicone oxide hit the water, it formed beautiful agates.  These agates have been washing up on the shores along Kenai for years.  So many beautiful stones and pebbles all over these beaches will keep rock hounds happy for hours.

Drive north on the Kenai Spur Hwy from Soldotna North to Kenai.  Drive through Kenai past the Carrs grocery (on the left).  Look for a blue sign on the right hand side of the road pointing to the left with a sign announcing “beach access.The street on the left is South Spruce street.  Drive down to the end of the road and there will be a parking lot.  This is Kenai beach.  This beach has wonderful soft sand, and you can easily walk barefoot.  This is one of the few sand beaches in Alaska.

Even further up the Kenai Spur Hwy, just as you reach Nikiski look for the fertilizer plant and oil refineries.  These are what you want, because below them are docks that have excellent agate and rock hunting possibilities.  Turn left on Salamatof road and follow it down to the end at a parking lot near the beach.  This beach is a pebble beach.  Only the toughest soles should attempt this beach barefoot.  A pair of waterproof rubber or hiking boots are ideal.  There is nothing worse than spotting the perfect pet sitting just off the water line, and the tide is coming in rather than going out.  Find  the most agates around high tide line.  Agate is lighter and is pushed higher up on the beach.  You may also discover colorful pieces of water smoothed glass.

“Take as many agates as you would like.  Redoubt will make more!!!”

Last Visited: August 1999

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