Gulch Creek

This is a secret place we discovered through our research in gold prospecting.  We actually do not know whether there is a claim on this land.  It appears to have been abandoned some time ago.  There are remnants of the equipment used to dredge and sluice the creek rusting along the banks.  And yes, we did find gold along this creek.  

To find the creek, head south on the Seward Highway from Anchorage.  Just before the turnoff there will be a large green sign announcing Hope Highway junction.  Park about 30 yards before the sign on the right side of the road.  There will be an old jeep trail going down into the woods.  This trail leads over to the canyon where Six Mile Creek rushes through.  A suspended bridge provides a crossing over Six Mile Creek.  (In Spring 2002 this bridge was taken down and slated to be replaced by a more sturdy bridge.)  Once across this bridge, follow the trail around to the point where you are walking through head high alders.  There should be small trails (sometimes hard to find) cutting to the right into the alders.  Take the first or second small trail over to Gulch Creek.  It should be less than y 100 yards from the main trail through the alders to the creek.

We panned for gold at the mouth of Gulch Creek where it meets Six Mile Creek without much luck.  However, I did find a small pencil lead size nugget once I started digging in the clay banks along side the creek, and using the sluice box to sift the material.

There are no facilities out here and therefore no cost to hike and explore or pan for gold.  However, if you are approached by someone who states that you are panning on their claim, you will probably be asked to leave. This did not happen to us despite spending several hour here.  We suspect that the claims have been completely mined, and are no longer commercially viable.  But even if you do not wish to gold pan, just exploring the area via the prospecting trails is a great adventure!

Last Visited: May 2002

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