Alaska Horseman Trail Adventures

Now I must begin by confession that I have never cared too much for horseback riding.  I just do not trust horses and given that they are a lot larger than me, I have not been to keen on riding them.  But letís face it guys... chicks dig horses.  So from time to time I have ridden on a trail adventure so that my sister, girlfriend, or wife would not have to go without somebody she knew.  Alex Kimeís ride was the first ride where I really enjoyed myself without much fear.  There is such a big difference when riding a horse that has been trained by a life-long horseman.  Mr. Kime truly loves his animals and this reflects in their disposition.  His adventures I recommend without reservation.

To find Alaska Horseman Trail Adventures head south out of Anchorage on the Seward Highway.  Take the cutoff toward Kenai and Homer on the Sterling Highway.  At mile 45, turn left on Quartz Creek Road.  Almost immediately on the left side of Quartz Creek Road you will see Mr. Kimeís log home and business.  If you made reservations, you will likely see him saddling up the horses in anticipation of your arrival.

We took the valley tour that ran for two hours.  The tour took us through forests and along the edge of Kenai Lake, back into the forest along trails, power lines passes, etc.  We took  a break at about the half way point for hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies Mr. Kime brought along.

The two hour trip ran $65 per person.  Some people will pay more for the same trip, but that is because the tour operators who book the rides as part of a package take an extra cut.  We contacted Mr. Kime directly, so we did not have to pay the additional fee.  The cost of the tour depends on the length.  Alaska Horsemen Trail Adventures offers several lengths of tour.  A day tour takes a six hour trip through the Chugach National Forest and includes a campfire lunch.  This tour departs daily at 9:30am and returns around 4pm.  There are multi day trips available also.  Just let Mr. Kime know what interests you and he can usually arrange the type of trip you seek. 

The winter is a terrific time to be up on horseback.  The ride was an escape into an incredible winter wonderland.  Cooper Landing, Alaska is a small community with wide open spaces and plenty of breathtaking scenery.  We we treated to views of snow covered mountains and woodland trails.  Ice crystals would fall off the trees and gentle fall to the ground sparkling in the sun making the forest seem all the more magical.  We took our time and never felt like we were in a rush.  We hope to return again for a longer adventure with Mr. Kime and his horses.

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Last Visited: March 2002


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