Tors Trail/Tors Trail Campground  

As one drives up the Chena Hot Springs road there are dazzling white embankments and piles of rock at various locations.  The Tors Trail Campground sits at the base of the cliffs that were once part of a hill of white granite, but were quarried to develop the area. 

Find the Campground at mile 39.5 of Chena Hot Springs Road.  The campground lies on the left side of the road as one heads out from Fairbanks to Chena Hot Springs.

An overnight spot costs $10.00 per night.  The campground features toilets, water, and 24 campsites with fire pits and picnic tables.

This is a perfect spot to make camp before tackling the fifteen-mile moderate to strenuous trail leading to billion year old granite pillars.  Boards at the campsite contain flyers describing the trail, mile by mile.  The trail begins across the Chena Hot Springs Road from the campground on the far side of the bridge.  There is a 2,700 foot elevation gain for spectacular views of the Chena River Valley and the Alaska Range.

Last Visited: May 2000





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