Red Squirrel Campground


This tiny campground is more casual than Rosehip and Tors Trail.  The campsite areas are not partitioned and campers pitch their tents next to the small pond on a comfortable grassy strip.  RVs can park in the lot across the driveway from the pond.  This is a great place to picnic, especially if it should rain because there are two covered picnic areas.

Find this camp at about mile 46 on the Chena Hot Springs Road, on the left side when headed to the Hot Springs from Fairbanks.

Costing only a mere $5.00, campers will find water, toilets, covered picnic areas and several picnic tables with fire rings on the grassy bank of the pond.

Be aware of swimmers itch.  Small larvae are known to have been found in this pond in and around the duckweed that grows near the shore.  The larvae can penetrate human skin.  Although they are not harmful to humans, they do cause an itch or rash that can last up to a week.  To avoid the larvae penetrating skin, towel dry as soon as you exit the pond.  We recommend that this pond may be better suited for boating than for swimming.

Claimjumper spotted some Red Breasted Mergansers flying over the pond.

Last Visited: May 2000

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